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Jigsaw with Bubble Tea - Experimental by lastres0rt Jigsaw with Bubble Tea - Experimental by lastres0rt
An experiment that didn't turn out like I hoped. I tried out:

+ A new way of drawing eyes
+ A new digital inking technique (using fills instead of brushstrokes)
+ Coloring WITHIN Illustrator
+ Trying to ape :iconslugbox:'s shading style... (Most of his work is NSFW. Sorry.)

On the one hand, it's pretty successful in that it looks a HEAP better than what I currently call "coloring" for comic pages, and I think at least some of these elements are likely to get carried into the comic style.

On the other hand... she looks way too intense for someone just sipping their bubble tea.
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last-place Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012 gives her a bit of a younger look to Jigsaw for some odd reason to me.

I know you said you changed the style for this picture. But I almost think I'm staring at Jigsaw maybe seven years ago n this picture. Also, I don't think you ever did this much of a close up on Jigsaw.

I like it...It's just different.
Brunhidden Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012
intense? well i think she is enjoying it far too much if thats what you mean. maybe theres a little sumthin sumthin exra in there

still, she looks younger due to the way its more crisp and a bit with the angular look
Poila-Invictiwerks Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
I used to like pearls in my bubbletea; I prefer jelly over pearls nowadays.

Peals aren't usually arranged formally in the tilted, liquid-filled cup. Coloring-wise, I think you hit them just nicely, though the upper-torso segment seems alittle flat. Hope this works.
SuperSEGAFan Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Student General Artist

I would give my personal advice to not colour in Illustrator. That is exactly what I did with my (only) fullview of Salomus and I did not like how it turned out. There's just something about it that I can't stand. You seem to pull it off, but I am simply giving a warning or two. Illustrator-colouring is a fickle thing and devilishly tricky. In regards to using fills rather than brushstrokes, do whatever works best for you. Sure, fills are about ten times faster, but if done right brushstrokes make it easier to define a definite direction of fur growth (ie the fuzz on her ears noticeably growing in the direction of the ear tips). Go with whichever you like, both work fine.

I don't care much for the new eyes; they look a bit too anime-like, and less LR-style. This effect is not helped by the rather heavy bottom eyelashes, which also serve to make her expression look so intense. Perhaps toning them down a bit (or perhaps not drawing them at all, many artists don't) One other thing before I go would be the new shading. It seems to work out quite well on her face, hair, and hands. Her neck, less so. I would suggest not making that double-shadow so intense, perhaps giving it a nice little diffusion and softening to help it blend more smoothly. As for her shirt, well, it doesn't seem to fit in with this image. I presume you used a gradient? It seems... I dunno, just not Last Res0rt-ish, not to mention unnaturally smooth and wrinkle-/crease-free. A general rule of thumb is to use the same shading method throughout. You have noticeable and defined shadows on her face, you should do the same with her shirt. It really stands out otherwise (besides, she looks kinda flatchested here, where's the fanservice? :XD: I kid, I kid).
lastres0rt Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Illustrator, give or take a few hiccups in laying down the colors I like, is about as effective as Photoshop. I certainly wouldn't want to use it for everything (although vector graphics DO have their advantages...), but when I get into large banner printing it will come in handy, and is a talent I've been meaning to develop.

I'm actually surprised you consider anime-eyes as a turnoff. I suppose it keeps LR from looking like "just another manga", but I'm curious where the reaction comes from.

The shirt was ill-defined because I was just trying to hurry and finish the piece, and I didn't define her torso very well (read: at all) in this, unlike the rest of her. Not totally sure what stopped me, but yeah, I'm totally going to dub that artist error. :B
SuperSEGAFan Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Hm, I suppose you have a point there. Vector graphics are forever superiour when it comes to large-scale media. Since I have no experience in that matter, however, I do not really have much say (read: any) regarding it.

The anime-eyes aren't really a turnoff so much as a drastic change from what I have come to know and love about your comic. I've never considered LR to be like any sort of manga, but rather a good old-fashioned homegrown American comic... or at least as old-fashioned as cyberpunk can be. My reaction comes from what I perceive as clashing styles, Western-style comic and Japanese/Korean manga (two styles that I have always considered quite separate).

As for the shirt — well, that's okay, these things happen from time to time. I've rushed a few of my pieces now and then to similar effect. Certainly not a horrible, piece-ruining flaw or anything like that.

But yeah, overall a very good piece!
slicedguitars Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I quite like the look of it, and the experiments seem to have paid off. Another thing that's making me even more tempted to get Illustrator (if I can ever afford it).

When you posted this on facebook I was thinking that the top half could easily be used as a dramatic banner image.
lastres0rt Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
It's cheaper if you get the Creative Suite bundle, especially if you get it with an educational license.

Yeah, I should at least do something with the eyes.
slicedguitars Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
The Creative Suite is still a lot of cash especially since I already have Photoshop, and I'm no longer a student sadly.

I do think the eyes and face should be used for something. Either a header image somewhere or perhaps even something like the facebook cover image thing on the new time line profiles. The image is too dramatic not to use for something. It's surprising how dramatic an image of someone drinking tea can be isn't it?
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January 30, 2012
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